Joe Messerli, designer of the iconic Twilight Zone logo, designed the 2007 TWILIGHT ZONE CONVENTION LOGO. 12 glossy 10 inch by 10 inch photographs of the 2007 TZCon copyrighted logo were printed and were signed and numbered by Joe Messerli. All TZ guests at the Convention signed all 12 photographs: JOE MESSERLI (he was presented with 1/12), GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON (he dated it © 2007) MARY BADHAM, PAUL COMI, RICHARD ERDMAN, SUSAN GORDON, SUSAN HARRISON, SUZANNE LLOYD, ARLENE MARTEL, LOIS NETTLETON, WARREN STEVENS, and H.M. WYNANT.

For the first time, a signed 2007 TZCon photo is being offered for sale. Number 6/12 is on eBay right now! Starting Price $199.00 - No Reserve. It will sell tomorrow, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2016, at 8:40 PM New York time,  5:40 PM California time. eBay item number: 351902650372

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