The day began on a hopeful note.  Awhile ago, looking for the obituaries of a local elderly couple, I found one I thought was of the only honest, competent, and sane tree expert I had managed to find over a ten-year search.  He recently saved our TV reception.  Oddly the obituary mentioned many other activities but not his tree work, and stated he passed quietly in bed.  It was one more reason to go into mourning even before the election.

This morning, I checked my Facebook messages and found one from the guy!  He was installing a new messenger and came across my contact info.  It turned out the obituary was for another man around the same age (maybe a little older) from the same town with the same first and last name but different middle initial.  The accompanying picture was a not terribly clear image of a face in shadow wearing a hat which could have been any number of individuals.  I immediately replied congratulating him on being alive and asking that he please send his contact info which I had deleted!  I told him this was the best news I had heard all month and if he wanted to read the nice things I wrote about him to check the other guy's guest book!