Browsing online at some of the sports sections in the New York City papers, I see Gov. Chris Christie (a Republican) of New Jersey, being crucified for being Jerry Jones guest in Jones' box, at the Cowboys-Eagles game last night, and high-fiveing Jones whenever the Cowboys scored. Some crybaby fans think he should root for the Eagles (Why? They're in Pennsylvania.), or the Giants or Jets.

Let me tell you, I may be a lifetime Democrat & Liberal (What do I mean, may be?), but I wish I could have been in the box also, high-fiveing both Jones and Christie. I am also a life long Dallas Cowboys fan. As Christie explained, his loyalties to the Cowboys go beyond politics and go back to the Staubach era. He also went on to say that his father was a Giants fan. His father would watch the Giants play on television and yell at the TV. Christie thought, "Why would you root for a team that makes you angry?"  I agree. My father was a Giants fan. I got sick of them being sorry losers, so I switched to Broadway Joe & the Jets for a few years, and then  the Cowboys around the mid 70's. Okay, so that doesn't really qualify me as a lifelong fan. But I have been a fan for a long time.

Where is it said, that all of your favorite teams have to be in the state where you live? Some of my favorite teams are New York teams. Some are not.

Football (NFL) - Dallas Cowboys
Baseball - New York Yankees
Hockey - New York Islanders
College Basketball - St. John's Red Storm
College Football - Here we go: Penn State, Navy, and all Division 1 Florida teams: Florida State, Florida, and "The U" (Miami Hurricanes).
NBA - Could care less. If had to choose, I'd say the Knicks (or possibly any team who are playing the Lakers).

Governor Christie, you are a Republican, and I am a Democrat, but first and foremost, we are both Americans, so it is quite natural that we both would root for America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys!

Up on Cripple Creek, she sends me
If I spring a leak, she mends me
I don't have to speak, she defends me
A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one.

Up on Cripple Creek, The Band