List of TZ Cafe Staff Members
  • Matt (administrator James B. W. Bevis) has final say on all Cafe issues. (Note: Board Founder Chris/Flight 33 appears on the staff list only because of his emergency access to the admin panel. He is currently inactive except for occasional backup duty.)
1. Forumer's Terms of Use prohibit its message boards (including ours) from containing, linking to, promoting, or providing instructions on the following:
  • Warez/Piracy/Hacking/Viruses, or illegal mp3's
  • Adult/Obscene material
  • Depictions of Minors/Children (even minimal sexual context is not allowed)
  • Illegal Drugs/Terrorism
  • Derogatory/Slanderous/Racial/Explicit Material
  • Sharing of passwords/Serial Numbers
  • Invasion on privacy/Impersonation of others
  • Spam/MLM
  • Harassment
  • Illegal Conduct of Any Sort
The following Cafe rules add to or clarify Forumer's Terms of Use.
  • Note: Neither our rules nor Forumer's should be treated as legalistically precise or complete; use common sense! When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact an active staff member with questions (but try the Board FAQ thread first).
2. Treat your fellow Cafe members (also ex-members) civilly and respectfully. Personal abuse on the board affects the whole Cafe. Also, threats are absolutely prohibited on or off the board.
  • We hope most members find this self-explanatory at most times, but the Board FAQ thread has more details.
3. Do not post copyrighted images (or adaptations of them) without permission. Copyrighted images in avatars and signatures are OK until further notice. So is providing a URL link to an image (or other copyrighted item that's not downloadable). When in doubt, please URL-link.
  • If a posted image (esp. commercial illustration or photography) seems to violate this rule, it'll be treated that way unless you've provided specific info otherwise. Keep in mind that the Web contains tons of copyright violations, and the vast majority of Web images are copyrighted by someone.
4. Posting - what, where, etc.

a. Each episode of the original "Twilight Zone," its two "revivals," and "Night Gallery" has an official episode thread. Please avoid making new threads about only one of these episodes (exception: poll threads are OK).

b. All "Outer Limits" topics (original series) go here.

c. Please avoid:
  • Bumping threads w/o contributing (example: just posting the word "bump").
  • Having long episode-specific discussions outside the episode thread (you can use linking to shift the discussion into the ep thread).
  • Making completely off-topic posts.
And try to:
  • Post new threads in an appropriate forum.
  • Start new threads when it's more appropriate than throwing old threads off-track.
(We tolerate/enjoy off-topic discussions more than many boards, but there are limits. Also, reviving old threads is encouraged here, if you have something to say! If not, don't do it.)

5. Miscellaneous
  • Links to other TZ message boards are prohibited on this board. Also, don't quote Cafe posts elsewhere, or posts from another board here, without the author's permission.
  • One account per member, and one member per account.
  • Please avoid excessive swearing (including F-bombs in any form) or excessive bad taste.
  • Private member communications may not be shared on the board without verifiable permission.
6. Staff-Related

a. Please cooperate when we try to steer threads back on topic, stop flame wars, or make similar requests in our role as staff. If you have questions about the letter or spirit of what we mean, please ask.
  • Staff members aren't "above" other members in the sense that we're better people, or even necessarily more important to the Cafe. Our roles on the board do require members' special cooperation, though, for which we thank you in advance.
b. All staff members pledge to follow the rules ourselves, and to apply them fairly and in the best interest of the board, to the best of our ability. (This may include not intervening in a dispute, for example, if members may have a good chance of working things out. In deciding such things, we consider the length & severity of the dispute, the members' history with each other, etc.)

c. If you write a board-related message to one of us, we'll assume we can share it with other staff members unless you say otherwise.

These rules are effective as of July 4th, 2009. Updates (if any) will be announced.

If you post here, please read the new message board rules (effective July 4, 2009). Thanks.

BEWARE: Many Cafe posts reveal story endings or key plot twists without prior warning. There is no rule against this. But if you are courteous enough to post "spoiler warnings"--especially when you post in a thread unrelated to the story you are "spoiling"--many people will appreciate it.user posted image