There have been reports of a poster receiving death threats via our PM system. This is the first time I've heard of this issue in almost four years. I hope and believe the kind of incident that has been charged will also happen rarely (if ever) in the future.

If it does happen, I want to know about it. Send me a copy and I'll do my best to work with to see that the person sending the threats is dealt with as he or she deserves. Naturally, I hope this will never be necessary, but if it does, I am both willing and able to help.

However... may or may not be obvious, making unsubstantiated charges on the board - true or false - that a specific member has sent you physical threats is a serious matter. If I were to let people post charges, at will, that specific other members were sending them violent threats, that would open the floodgates for huge chaos here that just isn't necessary. Even more important, if the threats are both real and serious, public exposure of the threatener might make that person more likely to carry out the threat.

I can't see that it's ever necessary to make charges like that on the board against any member, even if they're true. Making that kind of accusation on the board won't help you, it'll just create chaos and drama on the board. Sending me something and letting me take it up with Forumer will help, and won't create chaos here. There may be exceptions, though. If anyone has input on that subject, let me know.

Thanks for reading. I am thankful that this has so rarely been an issue in almost four years.

If you post here, please read the new message board rules (effective July 4, 2009). Thanks.

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