This board's main focus is the Twilight Zone, but purely political discussion has a long history in the community, going back to the Fifth Dimension board. Even then, and even though there was more tolerance then of hostility between members, there was some talk of either 1) banning political discussions or 2) quarantining it in a special forum with other controversial topics, so other members could avoid it like the plague.

I don't want to do either of these things, especially a complete ban, but I think the time has come to permit less latitude regarding hostility and disrespect to other members.

I've been a little lighter on borderline incivility in political discussions than in other discussions, in the belief that a certain amount of that tends to go with the territory of political discussion. There's no logical reason why it has to, though, and it doesn't always. And hostility between members in political discussion has the same bad effects over time as between members in other discussions.

There've been members on both sides of political issues who discuss them frequently and who also, in my opinion, have discussed them as civilly as can be humanly expected. (Crown 85 and MichaelBiehnObsession are just two that come to mind, but there are others.) I want to thank these members for the quality of their participation. Other members on both sides have been civil only sometimes. One or two of them have improved somewhat and I thank them for that.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to share them either in this thread or off the board, whichever you prefer. The normal rule against personal abusiveness will apply to all on-board comments. Decision of the admin is final. Thanks. --Beev

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