1. After private discussion with StillValleyBard, I have (regretfully) unregistered him as a member, as he has requested. His account is dead and can never be reactivated. Nor will he be allowed to rejoin the board under another account.

2. I've decided that any flaming or other abuse about SVB will count as a violation of Rule 2, exactly as if he were still a member. The same applies to any members who may be unregistered in the future. I think this is best for the board.

3. If you should ever wish to be unregistered yourself...please, let's discuss what
you hope to accomplish by doing this. I'm confident that in most cases I can
find a less drastic solution that will fit your needs, if you let me give it a
shot. Remember that you may want to be an active member again someday, either during or after my service as administrator.

4. In an effort to keep hostility about these or related issues from developing on the board, I'll lock this thread and request that discussion of them take place off the board only. I regret that this seems necessary, and I will be happy to answer any questions privately. Thanks.--Beev

If you post here, please read the new message board rules (effective July 4, 2009). Thanks.

BEWARE: Many Cafe posts reveal story endings or key plot twists without prior warning. There is no rule against this. But if you are courteous enough to post "spoiler warnings"--especially when you post in a thread unrelated to the story you are "spoiling"--many people will appreciate it.user posted image