I just created a new "For New Readers and Posters" forum. (You'll see it at the top of the board.) It contains

1) the main rules thread;
2) the thread with the rule about copyrighted images;
3) the thread with our new spoiler policy.

The main reason for the new forum was to make sure non-posting readers know there are some spoilers here, even if they don't read the rules thread.

Soon I want to combine the two "rules threads" together into one single rules thread that will (if possible) be shorter and less formal than the old one. I meant to have it up by the time the marathon started, but it didn't happen. It's better not to rush through these things.

After I post this, I'm going to revise the new forum so that people can post replies in the spoiler policy thread. That would be the best place for questions and comments about that policy, and to welcome LeenZone, our new Spoiler Moderator. So I'll go do that now. To prevent the discussion from forming in two places, I'll lock this thread.

I think the rest of this announcement is self-explanatory, but in case it isn't, please feel free to ask questions, make comments, etc., to me off the board. Thanks everybody.

If you post here, please read the new message board rules (effective July 4, 2009). Thanks.

BEWARE: Many Cafe posts reveal story endings or key plot twists without prior warning. There is no rule against this. But if you are courteous enough to post "spoiler warnings"--especially when you post in a thread unrelated to the story you are "spoiling"--many people will appreciate it.user posted image