As most members know, I recently edited a lot of copyrighted images in our posts so that only links show up. From now on, please refrain from posting copyrighted images, or images derived from them, in your posts without permission. URL links are OK. When in doubt, please URL-link.

I'm going to assume that if an image looks copyrighted, it is copyrighted, unless you can provide other information. And I'll edit those images to links unless you can show they are not copyrighted, or show that it's OK with all copyright holders for that image for it to be displayed on this board (or similar message boards) in its present form. If anyone seems to repeatedly and willfully ignore this, I'll delete the posts instead, but let's hope this doesn't happen.

The smilies at and similar sites have been created for general message board use. They are OK. The collections of photos at,,and similar sites also seem to be organized for general message board use, but most of those sites seem to ignore copyrights so freely when selecting photos that anything from those sites seems highly suspect.

Another thread covering all aspects of the "image changeover" is currently (as of September 16, 2007) pinned in the Announcements forum. To prevent us from having two overlapping discussions in the same place, I'm going to lock this thread, but please feel free to ask questions or make comments in that other thread. Click here to go there.

This is all to make sure the board is safe. Hopefully we are OK now. If I decide to change anything above, I'll post it here. Thanks.

If you post here, please read the new message board rules (effective July 4, 2009). Thanks.

BEWARE: Many Cafe posts reveal story endings or key plot twists without prior warning. There is no rule against this. But if you are courteous enough to post "spoiler warnings"--especially when you post in a thread unrelated to the story you are "spoiling"--many people will appreciate it.user posted image