1. If this board should ever go down temporarily or permanently, further information will be posted in a blog at our official MySpace unless unforeseen problems prevent it. Please record this link in advance:


You can read whatever blogs we post without being a member of MySpace. If you wish to comment on those blogs, you need to be a MySpace member. We are not thinking of using our MySpace as any kind of "interim board," though, so you probably won't be left out of much if you don't choose to join.

2. If this board goes down for any length of time, we will probably use the Outer Limits board as our interim board. Again, definite information will be posted at our MySpace, barring the unforeseen.

If some kind of problem makes it impossible to post at MySpace, the Outer Limits board is the next place to check for further information. Please record this link in advance:


3. I plan to make my own personal list of the e-addresses of all members who have posted at the Twilight Zone Cafe, so that I can contact them in case there are serious problems with this board. (The e-addresses that members used to register here are accessible through the administrator's panel, but they won't do any good where they are if the board goes down.) This list is currently incomplete, however. Feel free to send your e-mail address to either me via PM or e-mail ([email protected]) or Matt ([email protected]), especially if you know we don't already have it.

4. If this board has serious problems, and neither MySpace nor the Outer Limits board is available for posting further information at that time, and my e-mail list list is either incomplete or becomes unexpectedly unavailable, then we will try to post further information at every Twilight Zone message board that will let us. (Well, maybe not Damin's board, since it's understandable why he wouldn't want that.) These sites have TZ boards that are all good places to check:

www.twilightzone.org (Twilight Zone Archives)

We will also contact every member whom we can contact appropriately via e-mail, MySpace, other message boards, or any other means.

If you post here, please read The TZ Cafe Rules