QUOTE (RobertMBlevins @ September 26, 2009 03:32 am)
If you want me to do an article about the Cafe, I will need three things.

1) Basic history of the site.

2) Who runs it and why they do. (Why they are a BIG fan of the show)

3) Three or four pictures of key members/founders and their REAL names.

From my experiences here, I can fill in the rest with a nice story and a link.

'If you publish it...they will come.' 

These things can be emailed to me. I have a 10mb attachment limit, FYI per message. (for the images)

Thanks, Robert. If you don't mind, I'll post some history here for all of us. This community is descended from the a community that originally formed around Matt Cregg's TZ site called The Fifth Dimension. (It had several URLs, but the last and most long-lived was http://www.thetzsite.com.) The site started in 1996 and its first message board began in 1997.

In 2004, the main site as well as the message board were shut down twice - first temporarily, then permanently. The first shutdown happened in February 2004 after CBS complained to Matt about certain copyright violations. Matt eventually removed the material that drew CBS complaints, and brought the site and board back online in March. After CBS complained again in May, about material they'd apparently overlooked before, Matt's enthusiasm for the site seemed (IMO) permanently reduced. The site and board vanished in July 2004 without explanation.

It was obvious after the first shutdown that many or most of the key 5th D message board posters wanted to continue posting together in some form. TZRider and Eric Burke made this possible by administrating other boards. Eventually Chris (Flight 33) set up this board, the most technically advanced in community history, and put it online five years ago today. twilightzonewor/metal.gif :B twilightzonewor/clap.gif twilightzonewor/smokey.gif I became this board's second admin when Chris resigned in August 2007.

Obviously, over five years we've acquired many members who never had the pleasure of being part of the 5th D gang, but are just as much a part of the Cafe as any of us. I hope they and others who follow will still be using the Cafe long after all its founding members have joined the great message board in the sky. twilightzonewor/banana.gif

If you post here, please read the new message board rules (effective July 4, 2009). Thanks.

BEWARE: Many Cafe posts reveal story endings or key plot twists without prior warning. There is no rule against this. But if you are courteous enough to post "spoiler warnings"--especially when you post in a thread unrelated to the story you are "spoiling"--many people will appreciate it.user posted image