William Shakespeare's Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge

End of Act V, Scene III  *the end of the story*

Yoda:    My friends, 'tis the end.

             As befits a noble Queen--

            Regal as the morn--

             Lo, here's Padme all serene

             On a coffin borne.

            Whilst the people of Naboo

             Each a weeping make,

             Watching Padme, good and true,

              Resting, ne'er to wake.

             On a ship above, in space:

            There Darth Vader stands,

             Empire's rise he doth embrace,

             This with robot hands.

             Here doth stand the Emperor,

             Eyeing his new plan:

            Pain the Death Star shall confer,

            Racking Alderaan.

            Ere that time, Organa flies,

            Quickly home doth go.

           Under care of tender eyes,

            Ease shall Leia know.

            Later, o'er on Tattoine,

            Sojourns Obi-Wan.

            Fresh, wee Luke is on the scene,

            O, the father's son!

            Riding eopie he appears:

           Stranger now, soon friend.

           Owen and Beru, sans fears,

            One small child shall tend.

           There may Luke rest many years:

          Here, friends, 'tis the end.

[Exeunt omnes.


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